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We introduced the new Confirmation Statement to the readers of our blog a couple of months ago and explained what the confirmation statement is and how this has replaced the Annual Return that a lot of people will already be familiar with. The confirmation statement does introduce some new concepts such as a PSC or a person with significant control and the requirement to list such persons when the confirmation statement is submitted. We won’t go into any more detail here on PSC’s as this topic was covered within the earlier blog article. This blog will however introduce the DIY video that has been published by Companies House.

Confirmation Statement – DIY

Completing the confirmation statement is a relatively straight forward task that a number of limited company directors will be comfortable completing themselves. To help anyone who wishes to undertake this process in a DIY fashion the following link provides a great video which will certainly help you during the process:

Once the confirmation statement has been prepared this can then be submitted to Companies House after paying a filing fee of £13. This fee is charged by Companies House to everyone without exception.

Do you offer any assistance?

Yes we do. We can complete and submit the confirmation statement for you for a one-off fee of £30, which includes the filing fee charged by Companies House. This means that the real fee paid to your accountant is £17 which we think is very reasonable indeed.

If you do need any assistance with your confirmation statement then feel to drop us an email at our usual email address: