Some business owners choose to complete their accounting work themselves and this could be an effective strategy of reducing the cost of hiring an accountant. As the UK’s leading affordable accountants Cheaper Accountant can in fact complete your annual accounting work for as little as £100 per annum. This is equal to the monthly figure charged by some online accountants and a “drop in the ocean” compared to the fees charged by high street accountants.

So what are the benefits to you of pursuing each option? Would you choose DIY Accounting or a Cheaper Accountant?

Benefits of DIY Accounting:

1. Free

2. ………………….?

Benefits of using a Cheaper Accountant:

1. Very low fees

2. Efficient and reliable (just take a read of some of our client testimonials)

3. Affordable, professional, experts with the qualifications and experience you and your business needs

4. A personal touch

5. Free tax advice

6. A great reputation

7. Always available

We pride ourselves on our professional service and standards and we are confident that all new clients will love our online accounting service.

How do the fees work?

Our fees are very simple and transparent and we are even bold enough to publish all fees on the homepage of our website for everyone to see. There are no hidden costs and extra’s to add on. The fee you see is the fee you will pay.

We charge a one-off fee to the vast majority of our clients who require their Limited Company Accounts to be completed alongside their Limited Company Tax Return and for both to be submitted to HMRC and Companies House. The starting price for this is £100 and that’s it, nothing more to pay whatsoever!

We don’t charge monthly fees that add up to a sizeable amount every twelve months. Instead we give you same service for a very low annual fee, which can be from a little as £100.

There are some regular charges for monthly payroll work and quarterly VAT work, but from only £5 a month (payroll) and £20 a quarter (VAT Returns) I’m sure you’ll agree that these won’t add up to a sizeable amount every twelve months.

So, why not request a Free Quote today and see how much you can save?