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From time-to-time we come across clients who need to submit a replacement set of accounts to Companies House. This could be for a number of reasons, but we often find that clients rush to submit something to Companies House to avoid a penalty and then when we are engaged by such a client we find that the accounts need to be corrected and replaced. This blog hasn’t been written to criticise those who submit their own accounts as there are capable and able business owners out there. The intent of this article is to simply guide the reader through the process that needs to be followed to successfully replace the accounts lodged with Companies House. There are a couple of very specific steps that must be taken to avoid the replacement accounts being rejected by Companies House.

What do I need to file with Companies House?

All limited companies are required to submit a Confirmation Statement every 12 months on the anniversary of when the company was incorporated (or opened).

So if you opened you limited company on 31 May 2016 then your Confirmation Statement would be due 31 May 2017 and then every 12 months afterwards.

All limited companies are also required to submit company accounts to Companies House within 9 months of the end of the company accounting period or financial year. The first financial year is generally 12 months following the date of incorporation and then every 12 months afterwards.

I’ve made an error in the accounts submitted to Companies House, how do I replace these?

There may be a good reason why you need amend the accounts that have already been submitted to Companies House. To file a replacement set of accounts you will need to follow the steps below:

1. You must post the amended accounts to Companies House on paper.

2. The amended accounts must be for the same period as the original accounts that were submitted.

3. The word “Amended” must be clearly displayed on the front of the accounts to avoid them being rejected as duplicates.

4. The accounts must clearly state that they:

• replace the original accounts

• are now the statutory accounts

• are prepared as they were at the date of the original accounts

5. The amended accounts must be signed by a company director.

By following the above steps the amended or replacement accounts will be successfully filed with Companies House.

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