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If a limited company director is late with the statutory company filings, for example the confirmation statement and the company accounts, to Companies House this may result in the limited company being dissolved or struck off by Companies House. Once the company has been dissolved under these circumstances there a number of steps that must be undertaken to restore or reactivate the limited company.

Why has my limited company been dissolved?

Companies House generally use their statutory powers to strike off or close a limited company if they suspect that the company is no longer active. They may reach this conclusion if you:

1. Fail to file the Confirmation Statement on time and this is long overdue

2. Fail to file the Company Accounts on time and these are long overdue

What are the consequences?

If your limited company has been dissolved you are very likely to find that your company bank account has been frozen and won’t be able to access any cash held within the account.

Another significant consequence is that you as a director will become personally liable for all company debts if you continue to trade after the company has been dissolved. You will not benefit from the limited liability protection that a limited company offers.

How do I restore my limited company?

There are a number of steps that you need to take to restore your limited company and these are explained below:

1. Complete Form RT01

2. Enclose a cheque for £100 made payable to “Companies House”

3. Complete the outstanding Confirmation Statement

4. Complete the outstanding Company Accounts

5. Enclose payment in full for any fines that have been issued by Companies House which remain unpaid

6. If the company has any assets at all you must apply to the Government for a Waiver Letter to demonstrate that you have the Crown’s written consent to restore your limited company.

The form you need to complete this can be found here and you will need to enclose payment of £64.

7. Once you have all of the above documents ready you will then need to post them to Companies House at the following address:

Companies House

Crown Way


CF14 3UZ

If you find yourself needing to restore a dissolved limited company feel free to contact one of our accountants and we generally assist clients with this free of charge.

Note: if you need any accounts or confirmation statements to be completed then there will be a charge for us to complete this work.