cheap accountants - Ltd company

Registering and starting your own limited company is the first step towards operating a successful business. Post incorporation, there are a number of documents which need to be submitted each year to meet your legal duties. This short blog will give a quick run down of what needs to submitted to who and by when.

1. Annual Return

This is a return which contains information about company shareholders and the number of shares issued as well a brief description of what the company does.

This is not the annual company accounts.

An Annual Return must be submitted to Companies House 12 months after incorporation and on each subsequent anniversary.

2. Annual Company Accounts

The Annual Company Accounts comprises a Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet and must be submitted to Companies House within approximately nine months following the end of the companies accounting period. The accounting period generally approximates to the subsequent 12 months post incorporation.

A fine is levied by Companies House if the accounts are submitted late.

3. Annual Corporation Tax Return (CT600)

The Annual Corporation Tax Return accompanies the submission of the accounts to HMRC and details the calculations behind the amount of Corporation Tax payable by a limited company.

This is required to be submitted within the 12 months following the end of the company’s accounting period.

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