cheap accountants - fines

If you are a limited company director you should be aware of what documents need to submitted to Companies House and HMRC and when rash year to avoid being fined.

Our previous blog post covered the details on what needs to be submitted and by when so we won’t repeat those details here.

There are a couple of avenues where fines can be generated in relation to the late submission of key returns for your limited company. These are discussed in detail below.


Companies House – Company Accounts

You will receive a late submission fine from Companies House if your accounts are received late by only one day. The fine levied escalates as per the following table:

Days Late | Penalty

Up to one month | £150

Between one month and three months | £375

Between three months and six months | £750

More than six months | £1,500

The good news is that there is no fine levied for the late submission of an annual return to Companies House.


HMRC – Company Tax Return

HMRC also levy fines for late company tax returns and this can also apply when the return is late by one day only. See the table below:

Days Late | Penalty

1 day late | £100

3 months late | a further £100

6 months late | 10% of unpaid tax

12 months late | a further 10% of unpaid tax


An accountant from can help you avoid fees and to submit your accounts and other returns on time.