cheap accountants - confirmation statement late

It’s not usual to be approached by a prospective client who has realised that their limited company’s Confirmation Statement is overdue. This happens from time-to-time and given that there is only a somewhat short window of opportunity to submit the confirmation statement on time we can understand how some people may miss the filing deadline. This blog post will clarify a couple of misconceptions that seem to float around as well as highlighting the more specific consequences of submitting the confirmation statement to Companies House late.

What is the Confirmation Statement?

The confirmation statement in summary is simply an update (or confirmation) of the company details, such as shares issued and the holders of shares in the company. One of our previous blogs introduced more details on the confirmation statement and we even provided a demonstration video on how to complete the confirmation statement. So we won’t go over the same ground again here.

We would like to make it very clear here that the Confirmation Statement is not the Annual Company Accounts. This is the first misunderstanding we sometimes see. The confirmation statement is a very separate and completely different return to the company accounts. Now that the annual return has been rebranded and in turn renamed the confirmation statement, we are hopeful that this will be clearer moving forward.

What happens if my Confirmation Statement is submitted late?

Companies House give a limited company only 14 days to file the confirmation statement and this is an annual task. Given the short timeframe the situation of submitting a late or overdue confirmation statement can arise.

The great news for anyone concerned about this is that there are no late filing penalties for an overdue confirmation statement.

The confirmation statement must always be filed however, even if this is overdue, as failure to file the confirmation statement is a criminal offence. If you file it too late Companies House may strike off the company (close the company) for non-receipt of the confirmation statement.

So, if you currently have an overdue confirmation statement then there is no need to panic and you don’t need to worry about incurring a fine but we do urge you to act on this. Why not request a free quote via our homepage as we charge only £30 to complete and submit the confirmation statement for you.