cheap accountants - wave accounting

We are genuine fans of the online accounting software provided by Wave and we have decided to share our enthusiasm and explain why we love Wave Accounting.

The Wave Accounting software is our accounting software of choice and this is the software that we recommend to our clients as we believe that the software is unique and the company behind the software is a great match for Cheaper Accountant.

So what is Wave Accounting?

Wave Accounting is a cloud based online accounting software created for small businesses and is provided completely free of charge. Wave places discreet adverts on its website rather than charging subscription fees like other online accounting software providers.

Benefits of using Wave Accounting:

1. Free of charge forever

2. Ideal for small businesses

3. Perfect for use in the UK

4. Easy access for your accountant

5. Seamless upload from business bank account

6. Simply exceptional innovation

7. Excellent free iPhone apps such as the invoice creation app

8. Reliable user support

9. Simple to use and highly effective

10. Outstanding user reviews

So if you’re considering using accountancy software for your company bookkeeping activities take a look at