cheap accountants - micro entity accounts

To begin with a micro-entity is basically a very small company. This is defined as a company with an annual turnover of no more than £632,000 and a balance sheet total of no more than £316,000. In addition to this the company must have a maximum of ten employees or less. Well, when I say must …. only two of the three criteria need to be met to qualify as a micro-entity.

The UK Government appreciates that in the majority of instances micro companies are owner-managed and do not have a separate shareholder and management relationship when it comes to communicating the company’s financial performance. As such it stands to reason that the burden of preparing a comprehensive set of accounts may be unsuitable and considered disproportionate when compared to other larger companies.

This is exactly why the micro-entity regime began. This new company classification aims to reduce the time and cost of meeting company statutory reporting requirements by:

1. Allowing a far more simplified format of company accounts, containing fewer elements;

2. Simplifying the accounting standards that should be applied.

So, as we mention in point 1 above micro-entity accounts are a far more simplified format of accounts that contain far less information. These are in simple terms a summarised balance sheet only. The full contents of micro-entity accounts are:

• Simple balance sheet and footnotes;

• Signature of a director and name printed at the bottom of the balance sheet;

• Statement on the balance sheet above the director’s signature that the accounts have been prepared in accordance with the micro-entity provisions.

What are the main benefits of micro-entity accounts?

• Highly simplified presentation of the balance sheet with very little detail required.

• No requirement to file a profit and loss account for the public record.

• No requirements to file an auditor’s report.

With less disclosure required for the public record, less company information will be available to competitors.

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