cheap accountants - cloud

The cloud has become a powerful tool for small businesses across the globe. There are a range of business tools that can be used which are built on cloud technology that allow small businesses to grow and to reach new customers and markets.

The Cloud has gradually become an essential small business tool that can be used to expand into new markets and to reach more customers. Little investment is needed for a wide range of small businesses to benefit from the cloud and to unleash the potential that an array of cloud applications have for driving business growth and profitability. This article will explain how the cloud can be exploited by small businesses to drive increased sales and will reference a real-life small business case study.

We all use the cloud and cloud-based applications often without realizing. When we log into our Gmail or Hotmail accounts we are in fact accessing the cloud. All of our emails are stored on a remote server somewhere in a distant location (and possibly overseas) rather than stored on a local hard drive. This technology is nothing new but the way in which the cloud is being used to bring together businesses and customers is changing at a rapid pace.

Let me take the example of Cheaper Accountant. This is a firm of accountants who operate differently to the traditional accountant business model. You would normally expect an accountant to open a high street office within your local town and city and then to serve clients within that specific geographical region. The problem is how does this accountant compete with existing accountants in the region and how does this accountant grow his business and attract customers from outside of the region?

The business model opted by this particular accountant is very different to the traditional business model described within the above paragraph. This accountant decided to operate 100% online only and to offer services to clients nationwide rather than just within one geographical area. This was possible by using a cloud-based application. Online accounting software was the cornerstone of this strategy and it this in combination with electronic forms of communication that allowed this to be a success. The online accounting software can be accessed from a web browser anywhere in the world and removes the need to visit a clients site to retrieve accounting records and information.

The above business model also proved to be very cost effective and rapid growth was achieved without any large injection of cash. Furthermore, due to the low cost base this accountant was able to charge very competitive fees and undercut the competition to drive growth and sales. All of this was made possible by the cloud.