An annual return is a document that must be submitted to Companies House. We often find that clients confuse this with their annual company accounts but the two are very different.

The annual return must be submitted to Companies House each year and it is due for submission twelve months following the incorporation of a limited company and then on each subsequent anniversary.

This is an important document that must be submitted to avoid fines of up to £5,000 and to avoid the company being struck off (shut down by Companies House).

Companies House allows 28 days following the due date for the annual return to be submitted.

The annual return contains the following information:

1. Details of the directors and company secretary

2. The nature of the company’s trading activity

3. The registered company address

4. Shareholder details

5. Details regarding shares issued by the company

It does cost £13 to lodge the return with Companies House (charged directly by Companies House) when this is filed with Companies House online.

The annual return isn’t a vastly complex piece of work but care and attention does need to be given to the return to ensure that the details submitted are correct and accurate.

Cheaper Accountant charges a flat fee of £30 to complete and submit annual returns on behalf of our clients. So if you do need help from an accountant feel free to send us an email.